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Somewhere between ambient and experimental can be found the flowing and gently emotive soundscapes and music of  lysha.  




lysha was an ingtegral part of the collective of musicians and artists known as iysil early 2000's in Seattle.  After several informal EPs (Demographic, Seattle Sabbatical Sessions)  the group spent 6 months in Costa Rica crafting Pura Vida.



lysha resides in western Massachussetts and composes works in collaboration with a diverse array of artists, including jazz vocalists, percussionists and accomplished cellist Wayne Smith.  Collaboration has always been an integral aspect of  lysha's mission.  In the summer of 2016 lysha and Wayne, along with Juliard violinist Patrick Doanne, composed and performed live an original score to the 1929 silent film Man With a Movie Camera.  



Recently, lysha performed at Memorial Hall in collaboration with visual artist Amelia Tang, and at Greenfield Community College with Wayne Smith (cello) and Nathan Jepsen (piano). lysha has also performed at Greenfield's John Doe Jr. Records, Turners Falls' The Shea Theater and many other local venues.  A performance from lysha has potential to be both an immersive experience in sound and light, or as a relaxed backdrop. 



In the years ahead lysha's mission is to grow and cultivate an electronic music community in Western MA.    o







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